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Get ready to dive into the world of Essie Marshmallow, as we unveil an exclusive roundup of this luxurious product. This article is designed to provide you with all the essential information you need to know, in a laid-back and engaging manner. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be delighted as we share our findings on this highly anticipated product.

The Top 10 Best Essie Marshmallows

  1. Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish by Essie — On-the-Fly Shades for Stylish Nails — Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish — A minute-dry nail polish with expressive colors and angled brush for easy application.
  2. Flawless Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish — Experience mouth-watering marshmallow perfection with Essie’s chip-resistant, creamy white nail polish, leaving a sugary sweet scent and flawless finish.
  3. Essie Nail Polish Triple Holiday Trio Gift Set — Bahama Mama, Marshmallow & Gadget Free — Indulge in a mini nail art adventure with Essie Marshmallow, Bahama Mama, and Gadget Free as part of the limited edition 3-piece holiday mini kit, perfect for medium tones and nail care.
  4. Essie’s Marshmallow Snooze In: Vegan Cream Coral Nail Polish with Glossy Shine — Experience Essie’s award-winning Snooze In glossy nail polish, a warm pinky coral with a cream finish and salon-quality formula, all without the need for DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde.
  5. Infinite Palette of Shades for Trendy Nail Art — Essie Gel offers a perfectly on trend and easily applied gel nail color, providing a professional manicure experience with a wide range of shades and long-lasting results.
  6. Essie Marshmallow Lacquer: Winter’s Luxurious Winter Escape — Essie Nail Polish Carols & Caviar 1764: Luxurious Winter Collection with Smooth Application, Free from Harmful Chemicals, and Thousands of Stylish Shades to Choose From.
  7. Discontinued Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish: Medium Bubblegum Pink Frosted Shimmer — Essie Ball-timore 424, a stunning medium bubblegum pink frosted shimmer nail color by Essie in the Summer Balls Collection, is a must-have for nail enthusiasts and beauty lovers alike.
  8. Essie Marshmallow Nail Color — First Fitting — Transform your nails into high-gloss, platinum perfection with Essie Gel Couture’s easy-to-use 2-step system, providing up to 14 days of luxurious shine and color without a base coat or lamp.
  9. Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish in Going All In — Introducing the ultimate game-changer: Essie Marshmallow nail polish, offering a matte finish, vibrant pink color, and precise application — the ultimate way to play your cards right!
  10. Essie All Tied Up Deep Rose Creme Nail Polish — DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free — Experience flawless coverage and outstanding durability with Essie’s non-toxic All Tied Up, a stunning deep rose creme nail polish featuring gold and copper micro-glitter.

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Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish by Essie — On-the-Fly Shades for Stylish Nails

Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish by Essie - On-the-Fly Shades for Stylish Nails | Image

Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish has been my go-to nail polish for a while now, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed by its features. I love the one-step color and shine formula that dries in about a minute, making it perfect for those busy days when I don’t have the time to wait for my nail polish to dry. Its fast-drying ability has saved me tons of time, and I’ve never experienced any smudges or smears.

The first thing I notice about Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish is its angled brush, which makes application a breeze, even with my non-dominant hand. The wide and flat brush allows for easy and precise application, leaving me with perfectly polished nails. The consistency of the polish is also great, as it glides on effortlessly.

One of the standout aspects of this nail polish is its extensive color range. Essie offers a wide variety of shades to suit every mood and occasion, ensuring that I can always find the perfect color to express myself. Additionally, the polish is 8-free and vegan, which is a plus for those who prioritize cruelty-free and eco-friendly products.

My only complaint is that the polish can chip a bit faster than some other brands, but overall, I’m incredibly satisfied with its performance. Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish is the perfect quick-drying nail polish for anyone who wants an easy and convenient way to achieve salon-worthy nails at home.

Flawless Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish

Flawless Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish | Image

As someone who’s always experimenting with nail polish, I was thrilled to try out Essie’s Nail Polish in the Marshmallow hue. The first thing that caught my eye was the cute, rounded bottle design — it just screams femininity.

The polish is a soft, milky white shade with just a hint of pink in it. It’s perfect for those days when you want a natural, barely-there look, but still want some color on your nails. The application process was a breeze — the sleek brush made getting an even coat super easy.

But the star of the show was the finish. The polish gave my nails a dreamy, sheer quality that was totally irresistible. It was like having sweet, sugary softness on my nails, just like the cloudy sky you see when you’re out for a walk on a cool autumn day.

I was impressed by the fact that this polish was free from the big bad DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. It’s always great to use products that are good for our health, right? And it’s got a flurry of colors for everyone to pick from — from classic to chic to fun!

However, there were a couple of things I didn’t love. The polish was a bit thinner than I preferred, which meant I needed to use more coats to get it to dry properly. There were a couple of times when the polish seemed tacky for a while after applying, but that soon settled.

Overall, though, I really liked using this polish. The soft, sweet shade was perfect for my nails, and the ease of application was a big bonus. Sure, there were a few minor issues, but nothing that stopped me from loving this little bottle of magic.

Essie Nail Polish Triple Holiday Trio Gift Set — Bahama Mama, Marshmallow & Gadget Free

Essie Nail Polish Triple Holiday Trio Gift Set - Bahama Mama, Marshmallow & Gadget Free | Image

I once received this Essie Nail Polish Set as a gift, and it quickly became my go-to nail care essential. The three mini-sized polishes — Bahama Mama, Marshmallow, and Gadget Free — come in a silver and white packaging that adds to the holiday vibe.

The first thing that stood out to me was the satin finish of the polishes, which provides a sophisticated and elegant look to my nails. Each color has a unique appeal, with Bahama Mama offering a deep, slightly purple tint, Marshmallow presenting as a soft, creamy white, and Gadget Free delivering a full-on silver metallic finish.

What’s even more fantastic about this set is its versatility. The colors can work for various occasions — the deep red, Bahama Mama, is ideal for fall and winter festivities, while the creamy white, Marshmallow, is perfect for summer outings. The silver, Gadget Free, adds a touch of glamour to any event.

However, the only drawback is the size, which may not be enough for some users to enjoy for an extended period. But for a gift or a quick touch-up, these polishes are more than sufficient. Overall, I highly recommend this Essie Nail Polish Set to anyone seeking a holiday-inspired gift or a versatile set of nail polishes.

Essie’s Marshmallow Snooze In: Vegan Cream Coral Nail Polish with Glossy Shine

Essie's Marshmallow Snooze In: Vegan Cream Coral Nail Polish with Glossy Shine | Image

Imagine finding the perfect nail polish to match your effortless charm — meet Essie’s Snooze In. As a warm, pinky coral shade with yellow undertones, this vegan nail polish is an essential addition to any style statement. It seamlessly glides on with a creamy finish, providing a salon-quality shine that effortlessly enhances every outfit.

What sets Snooze In apart is the way it blends the classic and playful, capturing your unique personality with its versatile elegance. No matter the occasion, the captivating depth and vibrant shine make this nail polish a true head-turner. Its easy application, thanks to its user-friendly formula, allows for a polished, even finish every time.

Embrace your unique style with Essie’s Snooze In. A perfect marriage of simplicity and sophistication, this vegan nail polish is a must-have addition to your beauty routine. Indulge in its effortless charm and discover the endless possibilities it offers for your daily life.

Infinite Palette of Shades for Trendy Nail Art

Infinite Palette of Shades for Trendy Nail Art | Image

Once upon a time, I came across Essie’s Gel-Couture collection, and I just had to try the shade “Glamping Not Camping. “ This color is a breathtaking copper that shines bright in the sunlight. The application process was so smooth and easy that it felt like I was painting with water. I was truly impressed by the professional finish the product gave my nails.

However, this delightful experience was not without its share of challenges. Glamping Not Camping required a considerable amount of patience when it came to the drying process. It seemed like an eternity for the polish to set, which meant that any slight movement could lead to smudging. I also noticed that the metallic shine faded relatively quickly, leaving my nails looking less glamorous after a few days.

Despite these minor setbacks, Essie’s Gel-Couture line truly showcased the brand’s commitment to creating high-quality, trend-setting polishes. I found myself mesmerized by the vast array of shades available, making it difficult to choose just one. The perfect brush, easy application, and long-lasting formula truly make Essie a standout among other nail polish brands.

On the downside, the product instructions didn’t seem to emphasize the importance of allowing each coat to completely dry before applying the next one. This could easily result in a damaged or smudged finish, which is a minor inconvenience.

In conclusion, Essie Gel-Couture, specifically the shade “Glamping Not Camping, “ delivered a dazzling copper hue that was both on-trend and eye-catching. However, the drying process could be shorter, and the metallic shine may have been more durable. Nevertheless, this product remains a testament to the allure and sophistication that Essie continues to bring to the world of nails.

Essie Marshmallow Lacquer: Winter’s Luxurious Winter Escape

Essie Marshmallow Lacquer: Winter's Luxurious Winter Escape | Image

Introducing the Essie Nail Polish, Carols & Caviar 1764 — an award-winning formula that offers a smooth and flawless application, perfect for a touch of glamour this winter season. These polishes are free from DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde, making them a safe and ethical choice for you and the environment. With their extensive range of classic, chic, and fashion-forward shades, Essie has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Essie Lacquer shades in the Winter 2022 collection include six alluring hues, each perfect for those special evenings. The ultra-rich range is sure to make you feel wrapped in luxury, as your favorite accessory this holiday season. Get ready to spend the holiday season in style with Essie as your go-to nail polish brand.

Discontinued Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish: Medium Bubblegum Pink Frosted Shimmer

Discontinued Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish: Medium Bubblegum Pink Frosted Shimmer | Image

Essie Nail Polish has always been known for its award-winning formula, and the Ball-timore color is no exception. As soon as you open the bottle, you’re greeted with a delightful burst of bubblegum pink-meets-frost shimmer that screams summertime balls. The unique hue is a head-turner with its multidimensional appeal, versatile elegance, and vibrant, long-lasting finish.

While the color may be a crowd-pleaser, the application process is even more enjoyable. With just a few strokes, the nail polish glides on smoothly, giving you an even and glossy finish that stands out in a sea of conventional colors. The pigment is intense, allowing you to customize your manicure to your liking, and the shine is unmatched, adding a sophisticated touch to your nails.

As a discerning consumer, I appreciate that Essie is committed to being vegan, with no harmful ingredients or animal testing involved in the production of their nail polishes. So, as a conscientious consumer, I can proudly say that this nail polish not only serves the purpose of delivering a delightful manicure but also aligns with my values and concerns for animal welfare and sustainability.

Overall, Essie Nail Polish Ball-timore truly stands out as a must-try product — the head-turning color, effortless application, superior shine, and vegan and cruelty-free formula make it a standout choice in the world of nail polishes. Give it a whirl, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Essie Marshmallow Nail Color — First Fitting

Essie Marshmallow Nail Color - First Fitting | Image

After using Essie Gel Couture for a while, I found that it offers a luxurious gel-like shine and finish, perfect for those who want a simple, easy-to-use gel manicure system. The first step involves applying two coats of Gel Couture Color, which provides an extremely bright, opaque shade for a perfectly tailored fit. This step even works without a base coat. The second step, simply applying one coat of the high gloss Platinum Grade topcoat, helps protect the color and magnifies the shine for an ultra-glossy finish without the need for a lamp.

The formula is formulated for use on natural nails, meaning it doesn’t require a base coat, making it great for people on the go. Additionally, no lamp is necessary for curing the nails, and it’s been super easy to remove, unlike some other gels that can be a hassle. The breakthrough brush and stem provide a smooth coat of polish that I’ve come to appreciate more as I switch to this product.

One con, though, is a slight bubbling that can occur on a few nails. It’s not terrible, just a bit annoying, and it’s something I noticed every now and then. The other downer is the price. Purchasing the Essie Gel Couture collection can be quite expensive.

Despite these cons, I’m overall super happy with this gel formula. The shine and lasting power are great, and the polish is beautiful and long-wearing. The rounded brush applicator does make for a smoother coat of polish, and it definitely dries quite quickly, saving me time. So, I’d say this product is worth the investment if you’re into high-quality gel manicure systems with a simple application process.

Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish in Going All In

Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish in Going All In | Image

Take a bold and vibrant step towards showcasing your unique nail art with Essie’s Going All in Matte Finish Nail Polish. This dazzling pink hue captures the essence of a playful yet sophisticated look, making it perfect for either a casual or glamorous atmosphere.

The nail polish’s brush applicator promises a precise and even application, allowing you to create a flawless finish every time. The matte finish adds an extra level of sophistication to your nails by emphasizing the color and giving it a chic, velvety touch.

However, bear in mind that it may require a bit of patience and multiple coats for maximum coverage. Overall, this polish will surely make your hands stand out and will become a must-have in your beauty routine.

Essie All Tied Up Deep Rose Creme Nail Polish — DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free

Essie All Tied Up Deep Rose Creme Nail Polish - DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free | Image

Essie’s All Tied Up nail polish provides an exquisite rose-gold creme with a subtle touch of brown undertones and shimmering gold and copper micro-glitter. This lovely shade is a perfect addition to the brand’s Summer 2012 collection. One of the main highlights of this polish is its long-lasting durability and its flawless coverage.

Moreover, the formulation of this nail polish is DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde-free, making it safe for regular use. With a 4.5-star rating and over 40,000 reviews, customers are generally satisfied with the product’s performance.

However, some users have mentioned that the polish requires multiple coats for optimal coverage.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the Essie Marshmallow Roundup article! In this Buyer’s Guide section, we’ll cover the key features, considerations, and general advice for this product category. We’ll focus on the Essie Marshmallow, but remember, our guide is relevant to all marshmallow products. Let’s dive into the world of marshmallows together!

Size and Packaging

Essie Marshmallows, like most marshmallow products, come in various sizes. You’ll find them in small bags for individual use, large bags for families, and bulk packages for events or businesses. Consider the quantity you need and the storage space you have before making a purchase. Proper packaging can help maintain the marshmallow’s freshness, so look for products with good quality packaging materials.

Ingredients and Allergens

Always check the ingredients list and any potential allergens. Essie Marshmallows, like other marshmallow brands, may contain common food allergens such as wheat, soy, or dairy. For those with food allergies or dietary restrictions, there are also vegan and gluten-free marshmallow options available in the market.

Quality and Brand Reputation

When it comes to marshmallow quality, taste, and texture, some brands are better than others. Look for the Essie Marshmallow brand or other reputable brands with positive customer reviews. Good quality marshmallows are soft, chewy, and melt smoothly in your mouth or over a campfire. Remember, you get what you pay for, so investing in a high-quality product can make all the difference.

Storage and Shelf Life

To enjoy the best flavor and texture, store your Essie Marshmallows in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, as they can affect the product’s quality. The shelf life of marshmallows varies depending on the product, but it’s generally around 6–8 months. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for storage and shelf life recommendations.


What are the key features of the Essie Marshmallow collection?

The Essie Marshmallow collection consists of a variety of nail polishes, nail care products, and accessories that are designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable nail care experience. The collection includes a range of colors, from classic shades like beige and pink to trendy styles like metallic silver and charcoal black. All products are enriched with nourishing, moisturizing ingredients that help keep nails healthy and strong.

Some of the key features of the Essie Marshmallow collection include a wide range of shades and finishes, easy-to-use applicators, quick-drying formulas, and long-lasting wear. Additionally, many products in the collection feature soft, cushiony textures and pleasing scents that help create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere during nail care rituals.

Can the Essie Marshmallow products be used on natural nails, as well as gel nails and nail extensions?

Yes, the Essie Marshmallow products are designed for use on both natural nails and artificial nails, such as gel nails and nail extensions. The nail polishes in the collection are formulated to provide excellent adhesion and wear on natural nails, as well as on other types of synthetic nails. However, it is always recommended to perform a patch test on a small area of the nail to ensure compatibility before using any new nail care product.

It is also important to note that some of the nail care products in the Essie Marshmallow collection, such as nail hardeners and cuticle removers, should be used sparingly on artificial nails, as they can alter the surface texture and potentially damage the bond between the nail extension and the natural nail.

Are the Essie Marshmallow products cruelty-free and vegan?

Yes, the Essie Marshmallow products are cruelty-free and vegan. Essie has taken a firm stance against animal testing and does not test any of its products on animals. The company is committed to using only cruelty-free and vegan ingredients in its products, ensuring that they are 100% free from animal-derived substances and not tested on animals.

As with any cosmetics brand, it’s always a good idea to check the label for specific certifications, such as the Leaping Bunny logo, which indicates that a product has been certified cruelty-free by an independent organization. Additionally, you can visit the brand’s official website or contact their customer service team for more information on their cruelty-free and vegan policies.

What is the recommended way to apply Essie Marshmallow nail polish?

To ensure a smooth and even application of Essie Marshmallow nail polish, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  1. Begin by preparing your nails using a nail cleaner and nail file to remove any debris or rough edges. 2) Apply one or two coats of your preferred Essie Marshmallow base coat to provide a smooth, even surface for the nail polish to adhere to.
  2. Using the wider tip of the nail polish brush, apply one thin coat of the Essie Marshmallow nail polish to the center of the nail. Then, carefully sweep the brush across the nail, moving towards the cuticle and the tip of the nail. Repeat this process to achieve your desired level of coverage. 4) Allow the nail polish to dry completely, ideally under a UV lamp or with a quick-dry topcoat applied.

How should I remove Essie Marshmallow nail polish?

To safely remove Essie Marshmallow nail polish, follow these steps:

  1. Soak your nails in warm water for about 10–15 minutes to help soften the polish. 2) Apply a generous amount of nail polish remover to a cotton ball or pad and gently press it onto the nail, making sure to saturate the entire nail surface.
  2. Hold the nail gently in place, while slowly peeling off the cotton ball or pad from the nail at the cuticle. Repeat this process until the nail polish has been completely removed. 4) Clean up any residue around the cuticles and on the skin using a cotton swab dipped in acetone-free nail polish remover. Apply a rejuvenating cuticle oil or hand cream to moisturize and nourish the nails and cuticles.

What is the price range for Essie Marshmallow products?

The Essie Marshmallow collection is designed to offer a range of affordable nail care options that cater to a variety of budgets. Prices for the individual products in the collection can vary, but generally, the nail polishes and other nail care products start at around $8–10 for a bottle of nail polish, and gradually increase in price for more specialized or premium products.

It is always recommended to check the specific product listing on the brand’s website or at a retailer for the most accurate pricing information, as prices may also vary depending on the country and the location of the store or website. Additionally, you may be able to find deals or discounts on the Essie Marshmallow products through promotions, bundle offers, or loyalty programs.

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